"Nancy thought she was the only one who loved to knit but then she met some Brown Owls and together they knitted and crocheted a host of woolen treats."

After 2 successful exhibitions as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Knitting Nancy is back for a 3rd time in 2013 with Knitting Nancy's Aviary.

Knitting Nancy is an ever changing group of artisans who gather their knitting and crochet skills together to create exhibitions of textile wonderment in the fair city of Adelaide, Australia.
If you are interested in joining Knitting Nancy please contact: irving-baby@hotmail.com

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Get motivated Tracey!

Hello exhibitioners, with a little prodding the moment has come where I have become intrinsically motivated to crochet again. Perhaps it was Bec posting her sweet cuppie cake. Perhaps it was this cool spell after the heat of the last 2 weeks. or... it may just be quite simply for fear that if I don't crochet now it will suddenly be March and I will not have a thing to show for it!

My plan for the fringe involves crocheting cans of food. Some ideas are
  • canned baby carrots
  • canned peas
  • canned SPAM (eeeeew!)
  • canned corn
  • canned pineapple rings
  • tinned sardines

Why cans of food? I don't quite know, it just came to me. I Googled it and found a couple of inspiring crochet cans of food but not many. I like that it's not a commonly crocheted thing :)

So here are some photos of the first can - Canned Peas. I will embroider the label onto felt or straight onto the can - not too sure which will work/look better :S

More to come soon (I hope!). I hope to be putting some snaps up in the next few weeks on my blog thrift.nest.sew, do pop by to see how my motivation and eagerness is going x

Thursday, November 19, 2009

in which I say hello

Hi all, I haven't met most of you so I thought I'd better make an introduction!

My name is Bec and I'm a 5th year law/behavioural science student at Flinders Uni and I dislike it immensely. I've done a bit of politics this year and found it much more interesting than law, which is saying something...

Most of the time I try to be more interesting by making things! This year under the name MadeByBecca I started selling (and making) polymer clay jewellery and knits (at www.madeit.com.au/MadeByBecca and Irving Baby!). I love cute things, kitsch things, fancy things, vintage things, bright things and mostly things that do not involve textbooks, legislation or note-taking in any form.

Wool-wise I started out make scarves but now also make cushions, fruit and cupcakes.

Hope to meet you all soon!