"Nancy thought she was the only one who loved to knit but then she met some Brown Owls and together they knitted and crocheted a host of woolen treats."

After 2 successful exhibitions as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Knitting Nancy is back for a 3rd time in 2013 with Knitting Nancy's Aviary.

Knitting Nancy is an ever changing group of artisans who gather their knitting and crochet skills together to create exhibitions of textile wonderment in the fair city of Adelaide, Australia.
If you are interested in joining Knitting Nancy please contact: irving-baby@hotmail.com

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adelaide Fringe Award Nomination

"Knitting Nancy" surprised us all with her nomination for the Adelaide Fringe Award for 'Best Exhibition by a Collective 2010'... maybe it shouldn't have been such a shock as I have witnessed the noses pressed against Irving Baby!'s shop windows and the smiles of all those that visited the exhibition.
Cathy, Tracey, Alice and myself represented the Knitting Nancy team (with support from Briar (IB!) and Cathy's husband) at the Fringe Awards Night.
It was the closest I was going to get to the Oscars so I frocked-up in my favourite 50's dress and enjoyed a bird's eye view of all the Fringe dwellers, along with a glass of complimentary bubbly.
We all let out a cheer when "Knitting Nancy" was read out as a nominee and even though we didn't win I was super thrilled by it all...tho not thrilled enough to stay and kick up my heels to the dj...(Sunday night...time to unwind)

Anyhoo, Briar and I still think all the "Knitting Nancy" crew are No. 1

Congratulations to you all!