"Nancy thought she was the only one who loved to knit but then she met some Brown Owls and together they knitted and crocheted a host of woolen treats."

After 2 successful exhibitions as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Knitting Nancy is back for a 3rd time in 2013 with Knitting Nancy's Aviary.

Knitting Nancy is an ever changing group of artisans who gather their knitting and crochet skills together to create exhibitions of textile wonderment in the fair city of Adelaide, Australia.
If you are interested in joining Knitting Nancy please contact: irving-baby@hotmail.com

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Gift That Inspired An Exhibition

This cute fella arrived in the post unexpectedly...he had traveled from Perth to Adelaide as a surprise gift from my long-time friend, Rachel.
Rachel has recently revived her interest in crochet and shares her latest wool plans with me over the phone. Like a lot of friendships, life and distance can get in the way but I love to share in her enthusiasm, whatever her current obsession.
Thus began the idea for the "Knitting Nancy" exhibition.
Thanks to the 11 wonderful crafters who joined me in celebrating the wonderful world of wool and to all the visitors who make their way onto this blog and Irving Baby! 83 Hindley Street Adelaide to see the exhibition.
You never know where an act of kindness can lead... and I believe some socks are heading my way soon x

Friday, February 19, 2010

Illustrations for the Knitting Nancy Exhibition

Some quick snaps of my work for "Knitting Nancy"
Make sure you check out Tracey's photos of all the fantastic crochet and knitted works by the rest of the KN Crew.

"I Heart Wool"


Whenever Lucy travels
across the wild seas
she takes her knitting with her


Guerilla knitter
- or Yarn Bomber as she prefers to be known -
needles always at the ready


Pearl's kitten is very mischievous, his name is Knit


Juliet's alpacas have excellent eyesight and hearing
and will alert her to danger
with a staccato alarm call.


Mary had a little lamb
his fleece was not white as snow
as he liked to gambol
in the wet, green grass


Marguerite grooms her angora rabbit Pierre,
plucking his maulting fur.
Then she spins his fur into beautiful angora wool.
Sometimes she will cut pieces off for the birds to line their nests.


Cemile found an orphan angora kid goat and kept him warm
by cutting holes in sock and making a little coat.
Now her goat provides her with plenty of wool to make her own turkish socks.



Bridget and Judy loved to knit stripes.
Their horizontal designs caught the eye of the editor of
legendary craft magazine "Golden Hands" who featured the pair
on the cover of issue 5 in 1972.
There was some controversy during the photo shoot
when Bridget accused Judy of using a knitting machine.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ready to Go!

"Knitting Nancy" is all set up and ready to go for tonights Opening.
Everyones work is fantastic, you can see all the hours of work by the amount of stitches...I wonder how many there would be in total?
For those not able to attend the exhibition during it's 2 week season, there will be some photos appearing on the blog soon.
Hooray...I have my favourite 50's vintage frock all ready to go...complete with missing button and a few holes...just the way I like it...already worn and loved.
See you TONIGHT!

Exhibition photos!

Finally - it is here!!!

(above) Cathy Dodson

(above) Lianne Gould

(above) Toula Kantalis

(above) Cherry Greenslade

(above) Alice Every

(above) Marlene Ritchie

(above) Bec Wu

(above) Lianne Gould

(above) Melissa Williams

(above) Tracey Burman

(above) Toula Kantalis & Kate McMurray

(above) Lianne Gould

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone is having a great day with loved ones! These are some hearts I've knitted up to hang around Irving Baby! for the exhibition. Hopefully everyone has finished/almost finished their projects!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Marguerite and her Angora Rabbit"

"Marguerite and her Angora Rabbit"

Marguerite grooms her angora rabbit Pierre, plucking his maulting fur. Then she spins his fur into beautiful angora wool. Sometimes she will cut pieces off for the birds to line their nests.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello Knitting Nancys, I thought I'd post an update about my knitting progress. I think I've finished all my cupcakes and fruit, just dealing with my cake slices that aren't co-operating on their cake stand... Hope everyone's crafting is coming along nicely!!