"Nancy thought she was the only one who loved to knit but then she met some Brown Owls and together they knitted and crocheted a host of woolen treats."

After 2 successful exhibitions as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Knitting Nancy is back for a 3rd time in 2013 with Knitting Nancy's Aviary.

Knitting Nancy is an ever changing group of artisans who gather their knitting and crochet skills together to create exhibitions of textile wonderment in the fair city of Adelaide, Australia.
If you are interested in joining Knitting Nancy please contact: irving-baby@hotmail.com

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet the 'Knitting Nancy Dives In' Crew


I'm a total beginner who has just discovered that picking up needles is an addiction, with serious withdrawal pangs if there's not some project on the go, midnight cravings for the feel of yarn slipping through your fingers, makes you feel gooooood while taking your mind off your other worries, and leaves you with a warm fuzzy glow when you've finished!


I started knitting when I was a little girl. My Mother knits, my Grandmother knitted and I always felt that I should at least know how to! Now it is picking up interest again and I love that something, which was considered so practical is now an artform! My Grandfather actually taught my Mother and her siblings to knit using old mine nails - very thick about a size 10, but only 20cm long - as my Grandmother was too busy knitting to teach them! I love this story!


I find knitting is the best way to wind down, relax (other than the odd dropped stitch!) and yet be 100% productive. With all the technology that we're surrounded by these days, knitting feels organic and wholesome.


What inspires me to knit? My friends! Seeing what other people are doing and giving it a go. Learning new patterns as I'm a big fan of colour and texture. I also like keeping my hands busy while watching tv or sitting around talking to friends. =)


I'm inspired to knit by my solid 90s primary school education in which french knitting, usually performed on a toilet roll with popsticks taped onto it, was a matter of vicious contest between all 10 year old girls. You weren't a cool kid unless you could knit a multicoloured, meter-long tube of wool. I've also since fallen in love with my grandmother's old 1970s knitting machine, which is great fun to play with.


Once I start a project, I find it really hard to put it down. I say to myself "I'll stop at the end of this line", but then I always want to try the next line to see how it looks. I have enjoyed making up patterns for this exhibition - something I thought I wouldn't be able to do as a novice knitter - but I am pleased with my efforts. Look out for my jelly fish and string ray in the exhibition.


Working with textiles and paints has been a passion in my life since I was a child. The energy it gives me is awesome.The icing on the cake is the joy I get from colours blending, contrasting and vibrating. I love working groups of like minded people and sharing ideas that help my own projects to grow and develop. Thanks Knitting Nancy for the great opportunities



What inspires me to knit/crochet:A graphic designer by trade, I absolutely adore making and creating in artistic and crafty ways. I used to make all manner of toys when I was a child, learned to sew through ~osmosis~ when I slept through my Mum's seamstress classes, and got her to teach me to crochet at a very young age. Although sewing is my first love, as I suffer from chronic pain its not always the most forgiving nor convenient of hobbies. Knitting and crochet let me have that awesome feeling of accomplishment and productivity despite being involuntarily laid up all the time. Plus, yarn is the pretties! ^_~


I am inspired by colour and by nature. Knitting and felting allow me to experiment with texture and fibre and be surprised by the felted outcome as it can never be predicted. I use old or recycled wool and yarn as much as I can. I find knitting meditative and calming with long periods of expectation followed by moments of excitement. I paint and sew as well but find the knitting and felting both more relaxing and exciting.’


Knitting and Crochet is a wonderful pass time, I always feel more relaxed if I have a project I am working on....
I joined the Knitting Nancys last year and it was such a great experience - I think you inspired me to try working in ways I had not previously thought of. I have loved having the opportunity to be involved again this year. I particularly like to think about an object and then try to create it in yarn - there have been some successes and some really interesting attempts! "


I love to crochet and couldn't resist the oppertunity to enter Knitting Nancys for the second year. Now that I'm a mum this years inspiration has been to make a sea creature for my son. I think he'll love Alfred the Octopus. Alfred has bells in each leg so he jingle jangles while swimming the ocean.

For eons, I have been developing my meager skills in the textile arts, beginning with artful forays into knitting and moving boldly into crochet, sewing, dyeing and coiling. Of all the forbidden methods of needlemancy, crochet's siren call tempts me most, its ability to be worked in all three perceivable dimensions and hold its own shape an unignorable boon to my work.

I am a creative person and I love to make all sorts of crafty things. I love the folksy quality of knitted things and enjoy the feeling of creating things with yarn.

My friend inspired me to start knitting again last year, and now I am inspired by the process of creating beautiful things by hand. It's a great creative outlet, but I also feel very productive when my relaxation time results in a gorgeous finished product.

I'm a grandma who wished graf art had come along while I was young enough to join in. About 2 years ago I decided to grow old disgracefully & give it a go. I chose a medium appropriate to a Nonna. Started as the Adelaide Womens Auxillary, sewing up cushion covers that had been sprayed and leaving them in bus-stop shelters, then moved on to knitted pole covers. I'm pretty rubbish at knitting, but that hasn't stopped me :).
Being creative keeps me sane, creates serenity in my life. Knitting and crochet are extremely portable and provide me with a positive focus. I can create when travelling, when waiting, when watching tv... and there's something to show for it at the end!! No wasted time here, no impatience either!! I am a knitaholic and glad of it.


What inspires me to knit or crochet is the incredible desire to succeed at completing an knitted or crocheted item. To date this hasnt happened but its not because the desire isnt there....you know what they say...if at first you dont succeed, try, try try again!! Also i love the idea of just being lost in the whole ritual and the repetitve, and meditative nature of it.


(alias Sista Crochetta)
I have enjoyed crocheting since I was about 10 years old, a child in the 70s, and learning the granny square was like an epiphany. I would say the doily has most certainly been an inspiration.


I'm inspired to craft by the idea of making something different, and reimagining the potential of traditional techniques. I love to construct the weird, the creepy, the cute and the quirky. My favourite things to crochet are zombies; my favourite things to knit are tree cosies.





My first successful crochet piece was a single baby booty – the piece de resistance of a beginners’ crochet course at the WEA. Some years later, when expecting my first child, the nesting urge took over and I started to crochet baby blankets, and lots of them. However, there are only so many blankets one child can have, so eventually I moved on to crocheting baby clothes and toys. My daughter is fast approaching 3 years old, and I’m still crocheting her unique clothes and toys. I love that my daughter is now taking an interest in crochet, and that she has the opportunity to watch the creative process.

Contributing to the ‘Knitting Nancy Dives In’ exhibition is an exciting opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, to learn some new stitches and combinations, and to meet some new like-minded crafty people!

I picked up knitting again because I found it a great way to show your love and care to your loved ones especially our families overseas. When I mailed the knitted gifts to them, I felt that a piece of me went in the parcel to the faraway land.

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